The Friends Cast are back together for a reunion so we decided to celebrate by bringing you a very special Friends Fancy Dress Party!

Are Dinosaurs your passion? Do you hate sharing Food? Everyone you know is either getting married or getting pregnant? Have you ever felt like a shoe? Do you really think the best reason to get married is because you are sorry? Do You make jokes when you are uncomfortable? Then get your Friends together and remember… They Don’t know that we know they know we know… 

Saved By The 90s DJ’s will be playing the best of 90s so get The Routine dance moves ready and join us on the dance floor!

Here are some inspirations for your fancy dress…

– The one when Joey wears Chandler Clothes

– The One with The Holiday Armadillo 

– The One with Ross’s Tan

– The One With The Prom Video

– The One With Chandler In a Box

– The One With All The Thanksgiving (Turkey Head with sunglasses)

– The One With The Halloween Party 

The possibilities are endless and we are so excited to see what you wear to the party!

Celebrating your birthday between July 15th and August 15th? Then you get a free entry! Drop us an email to with the subject ‘Friends Night London’ to claim

Strictly 18+

ID Required