Hey hey you you! If you ❤️ Avril as much as we do then come join us for a night dedicated to the princess of Pop-Rock! 

It’s not complicated… If you are a Sk8er Boi/Gal then come sing your lungs out to the music that shaped your youth. 

Here’s to never growing up!

Expect to hear all your favourite Avril Lavigne hits along side the best of 2000s Pop & Rock:Kelly Clarkson/P!nk/Hilary Duff/Paramore/Ashlee Simpson/ Britney Spears/ Blink 182/ Ke$ha/ Katy Perry/ Miley Cyrus/ Taylor Swift/Christina Aguilera/ Gwen Stefani/ Green Day and Many more!

Celebrating your birthday in December? Email us with the subject ‘Avril London’ to hello@throwbackevents.co.uk to claim a free entry!

Room 2- The Avril Lavigne Experience

Room 1 – Saved By The 90s


ID Required